What Is A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is the acronym of Virtual Private Network. By accessing these networks, you're able to securely re-route your traffic through Private Servers, whose task is to prevent anyone from looking into and tracing where the origin source of the data is.

So What Exactly Does A VPN Do?

The short and simplified version of it is that when you connect to the internet, whether you’re checking emails, reading the news, or catching up on Twitter, your connection starts from your device like a car, and travels through your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) connection which serves as the road, to a gas/petrol station to ask for directions to where you’re trying to go. You only have the name of the location, but don’t quite know the address. The very nice person gives you the address and route you need to go to get to your final destination, and you’re back on the road again, and finally get to Bloomberg.com

Once there, you go inside the store and provide a shopping list of things you need, and load all the goods into your car to head back home. All that happens each time you visit a new link, whether it’s the same website or a different one, and happens in milliseconds.

Now imagine the roads being filled with surveillance cameras, tracking your every movement, your interactions, and logging all the details. Without a VPN – this is what it typically looks like. Google tracks your search, as well as your visit to almost every single website in existence as Google Analytics is the de-facto analytics service for most companies. Facebook comes in a close second with Facebook Pixel.

Additionally, you rely on each website maintaining and updating their website security to make sure that it’s a safe place for you to go. More often than not, you’re driving into the shady part of town where security isn’t the highest priority.

With a VPN – you’re driving a different car with essentially an invisibility cloak. The reason is that a VPN creates an impenetrable tunnel that nobody can look into or see where you’re going and what your destination is, until you get to your destination and back.

Hide Your IP Address & Location

By leveraging distributed servers, we’re able to hide your IP Address and allow you to change your location. You could take advantage of this with things like purchasing airline tickets!

Encrypt Your Online Communications

Our VPN uses state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption and OpenSSL to ensure that nobody can peak into what you’re doing or saying online. No more snooping from your ISPs looking over your shoulders.

Access Your Content Privately

Whether you’re traveling abroad, working, gaming, streaming or catching the news, use LimitlessVPN to make sure nobody is snooping on what you’re doing. Everyone deserves internet freedom.

How Does Your Internet Connection Flow

See how your data is protected and encrypted through LimitlessVPN

[1] Your Devices

When you visit a website, you create a request and which travels encrypted and compressed through LimitlessVPN application.

[2] LimitlessVPN Server

The data requests then travels to the LimitlessVPN Server and conceals any identifying information about who you are.

[3] End Destination

The website processes our request and returns the results back to you, encrypted and ensuring no sniffing of what you’re doing by your ISP.

Don't be fooled by other "FREE" VPNS

Many new users make the mistake of rushing the decision and end up getting a free VPN instead. Sure, it might sound convenient at first, but let’s face it: It’s far from a free deal.

Maintaining a decent VPN service will cost money, no matter how you look at it. We are transparent about how we cover our costs.

So, how do other free VPN providers get the money they need? Well, here are 3 ways how free VPNs are actually ripping you off:

  • They SELL your private data.
  • They SPAM you with ads.
  • They RESELL your bandwidth and IP address.

Nothing To Fear, Nothing To Hide?

Most people that browse the internet daily and use VPNs aren’t bad people looking to do bad things. Most people don’t do any sort of misconduct. However, using a VPN is about protecting yourself against other people with malicious intent against you, rather than you having the intent to do something bad.

The biggest perpetrators of security breaches aren’t some shadowy figure, rather they are the companies you often take for granted or trust implicitly without questioning how they’re handling your information, or if they are taking measures to safeguard your data.

What else can you do to protect yourself?

Unlike other services who claim that a VPN will do everything under the sun to protect your digital footsteps, the reality is that a VPN alone won’t be able to protect you 100% against all digital threats, no matter which VPN service you choose to use.

Rather, you should should take additional precautions such as not using the same password on different sensitive sites, running a virus scan on your devices, trust verified software services, and monitor for any fraudulent activity.

We’ve compiled a list of services we recommend using additionally with LimitlessVPN

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