Our Commitment To Transparency

Why We Care and Why it Matters to Us

Trust Is Earned And Not Taken For Granted

Before we set out to build LimitlessVPN, we all were very familiar with all sorts of digital services that power and protect the web, from VPNs and Anti-Viruses, to platforms where people spend their lives. When the term “big data” emerged on the scene in 2010, and caught the attention of big non-technology corporations, it started raising some alarms. We were of course, aware of all the tech companies that have been building user profiles through mining user data since the dotcom bubble. Malicious actors have always been present since the beginning of the internet.

However, what became concerning was that many of these individuals and companies never operated at a truly global scale to be egregously harmful, and in 2010, there was still enough competition to force the tech companies focused on building their products. Suddenly, every company wanted to be a part of “big data” as it was the buzzword of the year, from car manufacturers to fast food. That meant that suddenly everyone started tracking, harvesting, and building databases full of user information. And unlike digital technology focused companies (even though they have proven to be guilty as well, at least they were more careful), these organizations had no security measures in place to safeguard this growing mountain of data.

“No, your nephew in High School that ‘knows his way around the computer’ can’t be your IT department handling tens of thousands of peoples’ sensitive credit card information”

So when the dominos started falling, it was no surprise to anyone familiar with the state of neglegence to security.

Over the last 5 years, things have only gotten worse. Tech companies have generating billions off of selling ads through ‘targeted advertising’. Security Softwares have been compromised. Sites display malicious phishing ads through unfiltered banner ad networks. Net Neutrality is still up for debate. Even AdBlockers can’t be trusted to have your best interest in mind after being revealed to ‘whitelist’ certain sites that paid for that benefit. Your security cameras are secretly spying on you. Your smart home device accidentally included a microphone to listen. Where there is a financial incentive to abuse your privacy, the only thing you can know for certain is that it will be abused.

“We really respect your privacy, that’s why we’re letting you know that we’re forced to tell you that we’re tracking your every movement on our website or we will get fined! Oh and please subscribe to our newsletter so we can spam your inbox full of things you don’t care about.”

We Are Realists And Not Just Lofty Idealists

Despite being on the inside and understanding clearly how technology and security play an significant role in our society, and can easily ruin the lives for millions, we also understand that change takes time. Millions have simply become numb to the pain, expect that it will happen (just hopefully not themselves), and accept the fact that it’s just the way of life now.

This is not how we should accept to live our lives. The more numb we are to the abuse, the worse it will continue to get.

We know society as a whole won’t change overnight. We understand that people are comfortable with the status quo. However, we know that we can help impact the life and earn the trust of one person every single day. Over time one person becomes a small group of people, which in turn becomes a small community. That is our humble goal.

How We Plan To Earn Your Trust

We anticipate and expect that you are skeptical about us, which means that you’re more aware than most and have come to the right place. We are not a non-profit because without funds, we cannot create meaningful change, or continuing to build what we believe in.

How we earn our revenue is aligned with You and our Community’s best interest.

Our thesis is simple. If we build something that you absolutely love, trust, and give the service away for free for the value it provides to you every day, you will continue to use it, and recommend us to your friends and family.

Because we only earn revenue when you use our service, and losing a user is as simple as uninstalling the app, we simply cannot afford to do anything that might jepordize the faith of our users. One mistake can cause a mass exodus and we will be out of business tomorrow.

That is why we reinvest in community, by sponsoring local events our users care about, participate in conversations that involve defending our digital rights, and educating people about how to protect their digital identities.

Our Promise To You Regarding Transparency

Full Disclosure

You may reference our legal doc at any time for a breakdown of what we do and don’t do, written to be easily understood by a human. We won’t ask for more info than needed to provide our service.

Commitment to Quality

We will never compromise on the standard we set out to build as a service. We value quality over quantity, even if it means that our growth is slower due to which regions of the world we can reach.

Commitment to Integrity

We will never participate in any activity that may jeopardize your trust in us. What you are signing up to use must be explicitly understood and you can expect we will only deliver what is promised.

First To Know

In the event of something happening outside of our control, we promise that you will be immediately notified and first to know about the incident, and not learn about it through a 3rd party.

Disclosing How We Earn Revenue

While we do need to earn revenue to eat and pay rent, we will not deviate away from how we disclose that we earn money. You can expect that we will not do anything outside of what we disclose.

Disclosing Our Affiliations

We will disclose all of our affiliations with any 3rd party that we may partner with if they align with our mission and serve in the best interest of our community and users.

Our Technology

LimitlessVPN is built using both open source technology as well as proprietary technology that we have developed internally. For any technology we choose to add to improve our service, we meticulously audit and test to ensure they meet our rigorous standards before releasing it to you. Our Hardware is custom built by our team using vendors that have a proven track record of performance, reliability, and ethical standards.

Our Partners

We selectively work with only the best technology partners that are experts in their field and have a history of reliability, trustworthiness, and the same level of dedication to the quality of service/work they provide. They must place the same level of importance on security and privacy as we are committed to providing to you.

What Does It All Mean

We are committed to our Mission to Democratize the Internet to every person in the world has the freedom to enjoy the web the way it was meant to be. Whether you're a casual web user, or fighting for what you believe in through digital activism, we are doing this for you.

Our Mission is to Democratize the Web and Empower People Across the World

Will you Join us and our Community on this Journey? We'd love to have you be a part of this with us.