How Do We Keep Our Service Free?

LimitlessVPN Offers Robust Features, Industry
Standard Security, and Outperforms
Free Competitors.

Standard VPN Features

  • Default 256-bit AES Encryption list text
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • OpenVPN Protocol
  • IP Masking
  • Customer Support

Paid Competitors

+ Stores Personal Info for Payments
$155.40 /year
    3 Devices
    100GB - Unlimited
    1-10 gbps
+ Free and Low Cost Premium Options
$0.00 /year
    10-100 gbps

LimitlessVPN's Revenue Model

We understand that not all people are willing to pay for privacy, so we offer an alternative model that provides our users with the same benefits of using a paid VPN service at no monthly charge.

Protecting Your Browsing
Through Encryption

It's actually really simple.

We provide a completely free VPN service in exchange for borrowing the UNUSED computational power of our users in order to generate revenue.

This differentiates us from many subscription VPN competitors who are forced to use shadier monetization methods.

Embracing the Power of Community

Our team took no shortcuts in building a World Class Infrastructure and Software. We're placing our bets on our community who uses and loves our service to spread the word about us. We invested a lot upfront and won't hit profitability until we hit critical mass. We constantly reinvest into improving the service, adding new locations, or giving back to our communities who need support.

What is Critical Mass?

Imagine solving a complex puzzle with 1M pieces. By yourself, it will take forever. However, the scale of difficulty and time to solve it decreases every time you add someone new to help you solve it. Each new person tackles a different part and come together to finish the puzzle faster. Every new user adds a helping hand in our community to help solve the puzzle faster and faster.

What Problem Are We Solving?

We support Blockchain technology that requires processing power to verify transactions on the decentralized ledger through a process called mining. By participating in the network, we receive rewards for solving and verifying these encrypted puzzles by pooling together the network of our community's processing power. Despite the reduced revenue we receive now in 2019, we still believe in the philosophy of decentralization, so we continue to support the mission.

How Do I Trust You?

Our parent company, Cloud Nine Web 3 Technologies Inc. is a publicly traded company in both Canada and the US. What this means is that we are required to undergo extensive security audits, year end reporting, and publically available share reports. Certified 3rd party auditors operating at arms length ensure we are doing privately what we say we are doing publically.

One Last Time... Why Not a Subscription Model?

At a later date, we do expect we will expand into providing a paid subscription VPN option that will have all of the same features as as the free model soon, but will not require users of the LimitlessVPN to share computing power.

That being said, for the time being, we believe that sharing computing power to keep the lights because is best for both our users and us a Company. Experience tells us that most paid VPN services do not align their interests with their paying users due to the difference in incentives.

Why Choose LimitlessVPN?

Committed to Transparency

We believe in being fully transparent in an industry traditionally shrouded in secrecy. Obviously we need to keep the lights on and servers running, so we earn our revenue differently.

No Payments Needed

We’re committed to providing an exceptional free VPN experience, with no credit cards ever required. Browse, Stream, Play, Work, Travel. Unthrottled, with no monthly subscription costs.

Performance Optimized

Built by Networking Experts and Gaming Geeks, we know firsthand how important gaming performance is. Learn about LimitlessVPN’s focus on network gaming performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I have to provide to use your service?

We only require a valid email that you will verify your account with. That’s it!

What websites can I access while using your service?

You will be able to access any website, including Netflix, YouTube, and all websites that are available in the US with additional options for other countries coming soon.

What devices can I download and use your service on?

Currently we support macOS and Windows 8+ with support coming to iOS, Android, and Linux soon.

What is your bandwidth limits for your free service?

We have zero bandwidth caps. However, we are vigilant against abusive behavior of our service in order to maintain the network quality for everyone else.