You can't place a price on Freedom or Privacy. So we didn't.

We're changing the game in the VPN space - where most others charge you a monthly fee or reselling your data and bandwidth claiming to be "free".
We don't do any of that. We won't ever do any of that.



We have zero interest in selling your data, traffic, or information to anyone. We only make money through you thoroughly and absolutely loving our service.

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How We Make Money

We borrow a little bit of your powerful computer's processing power to do some work. Completely Anonymous and ZERO access to your Personal Information.

You might have heard of Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is the backbone of how we pay for power and performance of our Top of the Line VPN - all while being able to offer it to you for FREE.

Cryptocurrency - unlike any other form of physical currency - is completely decentralized and anonymized. It's 'mined' by working computational equations and rewarded to those who do the work when the equation is solved. To help solve these equations, we borrow your a little bit of your computer's computational power to work to solve these problems and equations. In turn - we use the rewards from mining to power our operations.

The only time that we do this process is when you use the VPN. Once you turn it off, shut down your computer or disconnect from the internet, we return all your processing power to you.

The process is completely anonymized, which is why we do not require any sort of identifying information, and why we work to provide the BEST experience to you without having to resort to selling you anything. We only benefit when you love our service and use it!

How Mining Works

Your computer joins the network as a miner - and only used when you're using our VPN. The process is completely anonymized - you leave no identifying information, so don't worry, your selfies are safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I have to provide?

We only use an email as an identifier to create your unique account. There's no limit to how many accounts you would like to create. You could even create a brand new email for the purpose of the VPN if you wish to remain entirely anonymous!

How much power do you guys use for 'mining'?

Not much - it's equivalent to having a few browser tabs open. We set limits as to how much processing power we draw as to not take it beyond a safe point. You should not even notice the draw on your computer. Unfortunately, slower and older computers may not be able to handle the processing and may be slowed beyond usable speeds, which we recommend switching to a paid VPN.

If you need help, Contact Us for info.

How much Money Do You guys make off this?

Not much on an individual basis. Just enough to cover our costs. Imagine - a single computer doing work is like 1 person trying to solve a million piece puzzle. By yourself - it takes a very very very long time. However, with a large network and a lot of people working to solve the puzzle together, that time drastically is reduced and that's what we're betting on.

Okay... really.. so what's the catch?

Nothing! We promise. We value transparency entirely, which is why we outline exactly how we make money. We're not a Non-Profit, but we've come up with a very beneficial win-win situation for those who are seeking privacy and security, all for free. You already pay for your Netflix subscription - why pay more for Privacy that you SHOULD already have.

Where does all the 'mining' go?

So we're going to get a bit more technical here - whenever your computer is doing work - it's being grouped into a network of computers that are solving problems. It's all being done in the background. Whenever a problem is solved and it's rewarded to the us, the reward is sent to our digital wallet (digital 'bank account'). There's no identifying information that you provide at all. It's done seamlessly.

Take Back Your Privacy Today

You have nothing to lose - it's free. The only risk you have is continuing to browse the internet unsecured.