How To Stream Netflix – A Complete 2023 Guide

Stream Netflix On Discord In 2023

Are you excited to stream Netflix shows with your remote friends and family yet uncertain how to go about it?

This guide will tell you how to stream Netflix on Discord in 2023 in simple steps below.

How To Stream Netflix On Discord?

It is straightforward to stream Netflix on Discord.

To get started, log in to your Netflix account using any browser, such as Google Chrome, and then follow the easy-to-use steps outlined below within Discord Settings.

You’ll be ready to watch all your favorite movies or TV shows in no time!

Follow these easy steps to stream Netflix on Discord from your Windows PC or Mac:

Visit the official website of Netflix on the Google Chrome browser, and log in to your account.

  • At the same time, you will need to open Discord and connect it to a server.
  • Tap on Settings, located at the bottom side of the page, and click on “Game Activity.”
  • After that, tap “Add it” and select any tab with a live streaming facility in your browser. Here you need to choose Netflix and click “Add Game.”
  • After closing the “Settings” at the bottom left side of the section, you need to click on the screen-shaped icon (indicated with Netflix and your browser here).
  • Next, you will come across a pop-up of “Screen Share.” Here you have to choose Google Chrome or any other browser you currently use for streaming.
  • Lastly, if you like, you can change the streaming settings per your needs and click on “Go Live.”

Once you have followed the above steps correctly, you should be able to Stream Netflix on Discord without any issues. 

2 Issues You Could Have Streaming NetFlix on Discord are: Black Screen or Sound Issues

Sound Issues Streaming Netflix On Discord ?

The first thing to look for is to check whether Discord has all the administrative access on your PC.

Another reason is to ensure that your computer’s audio drivers are working correctly.

How Fix The Black Screen Issue While Streaming Netflix On Discord

Sometimes, you may get a black screen instead of the actual content while streaming Netflix on Discord.

Turn off hardware acceleration in your web browser and Discord when this happens.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, run Discord with admin rights to potentially resolve the problem.

How To Disable Hardware Acceleration in Discord

  • Launch Discord and click “User Settings” (a gear icon) in the app’s bottom-left corner.
  • In the left sidebar, click “Advanced.” On the right pane, turn off “Hardware Acceleration.”

How To Turn Off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome

  • Launch Chrome, select the three dots in the top-right corner, and choose “Settings.”
  • From the left sidebar, select “System.” On the right pane, turn off “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available.” Then, click “Relaunch.”

How To Use a VPN On Netflix To Watch Shows From Other Countries

Netflix is a great way to watch your favorite shows and movies, but did you know you can use a VPN to watch foreign Netflix libraries?

What Is A VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is software that allows you to change your IP address and encrypt your internet traffic. When you use a VPN, your internet activity is hidden from your ISP and anyone else who might be spying on your online activity.  

Why Use a VPN with Netflix?

There are two primary benefits of using a VPN with Netflix. First, it allows you to access foreign Netflix libraries.

This means you can watch shows and movies unavailable in your country’s Netflix library due to existing licensing and distribution restrictions for that movie or tv show.

For example, Paramount and Disney have streaming services, so they will restrict some of their content only to be shown within their streaming service.

The companies are forcing consumers to subscribe to multiple streaming services at one time.

That content may be available on Netflix in another country but not in the USA.

Second, it will enable you to bypass geo-restrictions.

Geo-restrictions are restrictions placed on content based on your location. For example, some shows and movies may only be available in certain countries.

So if you are in the United States and using a VPN to connect to a server in the UK and then connect to Netflix, Netflix thinks you are in the UK and will thus bypass these geo-restrictions.

Which is the best free VPN to watch Netflix?

The best Free VPN to use while watching NetFlix is LimitlessVPN.

In this article, we’ll explain how easy it is to set up and use Netflix.
Netflix UK vs US: Which Is Better or Has More?

Top 4 NetFlix Content Libraries

(by English-Speaking Countries)
  1. UK NetFlix Library – 4130 Movies + 2084 TV Shows = 6214
  2. Canada Netflix Library – 4179 Movies + 1889 TV Shows = 6214
  3. USA NetFlix Library – 3949 Movies + 1957 TV Shows = 5906
  4. Australia NetFlix Library – 2750 Movies + 1977 TV Shows = 5727

Top Movies and TV shows exclusive to Netflix UK & Ireland

(As of November 25, 2022)
  • Fierce Creatures
  • Guest House Paradiso
  • Thunderbirds
  • Mikybo & Me
  • Waist Deep
  • War Games
  • Cry Baby
  • Mallrats
  • Wild at Heart
  • The Man Who Cried
  • Premature
  • Adult Life Skills
  • Mouse Hunt
  • Road to Ninja: Naruto The Movie
  • The Sun Is Also A Star
  • John Robins: The Darkness of Robins
  • The Press
  • Dawn French: 30 Million Minutes
  • Brexit: The Uncivil War
  • Welcome to Mercy
  • David Beckham: For the Love of the Game
  • Duran Duran: There’s Something You Should Know
  • Nelly and Nora
  • The Last Post
  • McMafia
  • Pure
  • Dinnerladies
  • Life on Mars (UK)
  • SS-GB
  • The Vicar of Dibley

How to use LimitlessVPN with Netflix

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using a VPN with Netflix let’s talk about how to do it.

The first step is to sign up for LimitlessVPN.

You can do this by visiting their website and selecting the plan that’s right for you.

Once you’ve signed up and downloaded the LimitlessVPN software, open it up and sign in with your account information.

Then, connect to a server in the country whose Netflix library you want to access.

For example, if you’re going to watch shows and movies from the US Netflix library, connect to a US server.

Once connected, open up your browser and go to You should now be able to access the foreign Netflix library!

If you’re looking for a way to watch foreign Netflix libraries or bypass geo-restrictions, then a VPN is the way to go. And if you’re looking for the best VPN for this purpose, look no further than LimitlessVPN.

With LimitlessVPN, you can easily connect to any foreign Netflix library from anywhere in the world.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for LimitlessVPN today!

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