How to use LimitlessVPN

Simple to Use. Ease of Mind.

LimitlessVPN is designed to be easy to install on your device, and with a click of a button, start protecting your privacy and data immediately. 

Download the Right Application for your Device

Whether you're using Windows or Mac, iOS (coming soon) or Android (coming soon), we have designed a simple to install application for your device. Installation should take under 2 minutes.

Turn on the Application

Hit the switch on the application to power on and watch the magic happen. When you get the confirmation, that's a sign that all your traffic is now encrypted and secure! Enjoy the internet the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Turn it Off when you want

If you don't want to use it any longer, you can simply turn off the application. When it's off - remember that your device is no longer secure and traffic is protected by our VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm experiencing some errors

Feel free to Contact Us for more assistance. Some times, there may be a security feature on your device that needs additional authorization to run LimitlessVPN.

How do I install the application for my device?

You can follow the link to find your device and install the proper application for your device. Make sure that you download the application directly from our website and not a third-party site, which may have malicious code added.

What if I want to uninstall?

Uninstallation is simple as well. Make sure that you turn off LimitlessVPN prior to uninstallation and go through your normal uninstallation process for your device.

My device is running hotter than usual

Our application does use a small portion of your processing power to help us fund our operations. If you're a power user with hundreds of tabs on your computer, you may want to close a few tabs (especially on Chrome) and check to see what else is using your processing power. We set a very safe limit for our background process and it should not run hot on newer generations of computers.

I have an older computer, can I still use LimitlessVPN?

This really depends on your model of computer. If you have a low-powered device, it may cause your computer to slow down to an unusable speed. We can always try to help you troubleshoot this - but if your computer experiences massive slowdown - it likely is not able to handle LimitlessVPN's background process.