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I'm experiencing some errors

Feel free to Contact Us for more assistance. Some times, there may be a security feature on your device that needs additional authorization to run LimitlessVPN.

How do I install the application for my device?

You can follow the link to find your device and install the proper application for your device. Make sure that you download the application directly from our website and not a third-party site, which may have malicious code added.

What if I want to uninstall?

Uninstallation is simple as well. Make sure that you turn off LimitlessVPN prior to uninstallation and go through your normal uninstallation process for your device.

My device is running hotter than usual

Our application does use a small portion of your processing power to help us fund our operations. If you're a power user with hundreds of tabs on your computer, you may want to close a few tabs (especially on Chrome) and check to see what else is using your processing power.

We set a very safe limit for our background process and it should not run hot on newer generations of computers.

I have an older computer, can I still use LimitlessVPN?

This really depends on your model of computer. If you have a low-powered device, it may cause your computer to slow down to an unusable speed. We can always try to help you troubleshoot this - but if your computer experiences massive slowdown - it likely is not able to handle LimitlessVPN's background process.

How to use LimitlessVPN

To Turn On LimitlessVPN: Click the circle button with your mouse and wait for the VPN to connect successfully.

This should generally take a few seconds and will show "On/Protected" after completing the connection.

To Run LimitlessVPN in the Background: By default our software will run in the background, even if it's minimized or closed. You will see a icon in your task bar on top (Mac) or icons on the bottom right (Windows) showing that LimitlessVPN is active.

To Turn Off LimitlessVPN: You can click the circle button again when it's active to turn it off. After a few seconds, it should show "Unprotected".

Is it working?

If you see the circle say the words "On/Protected" - that means it's working! Additionally, you may use to see if you're connected from a new IP Address

I can't get it to start

Sometimes a configuration issue may happen during first initial setup. Please try logging out, restarting the application, logging back in, and launching it again.

It still doesn't work...

Seems like we might be going through a rough patch, or updating our service. Please make sure your version of LimitlessVPN is up to date! If your client is up to date and you've tried logging out and back in and it still doesn't work, please send us a support ticket [here].

My computer is lagging and is very slow

Our service is optimized with the latest Intel processers and Nvidia Graphics Cards. However, we're still building support for AMD CPU/GPU, and older generation hardware. If your hardware is older than 2010, you may experience slow downs. We're currently working on further optimizing for older gen hardware, so we recommend you not use LimitlessVPN until further updates come along. We're sorry about this!

I have Newer Gen Hardware but it's still slow...

By default for any unoptimized hardware that we don't have a configuration set for, the mining is set to be turned off or at the lowest possible setting. If you believe LimitlessVPN is causing the slowdown and you have 2012+ i3/i5/i7 Intel CPU or Nvidia Graphics, please send us a support ticket along with your hardware specs [here].

Why is my ping so high but my download/upload speeds fine?

By having your internet connection go through an extra layer of security, it will add additional travel time for your connection depending on how far you are away from our servers. If you need to use your internet for things that need low latency such as gaming, we recommend turning off LimitlessVPN and turning it back on after you're done! We're working on building out new connections as fast as we can, and hope to not have this problem in the near future!

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