LimitlessVPN Data Center Partners

Built on the Backbone of the Internet

Why Selecting Our Data Center Partners Matters

Unlike other traditional VPN services, we’ve taken extreme measures in carefully selecting where we add a new server location. With dozens of cloud computing providers available, it’s easy to spin up 100+ servers to have a massive footprint. But doing so limits the overall control of the network, servers, and service. Because using these cloud service providers require abiding by their rules, and ultimately they own the server. In the case of court order, the cloud service provider will forfeit all personal information, even if your VPN provider claims that they won’t hand it over. It’s not in their control.

Equally as important, is where the data center is located. The internet is connected globally through physical fiber optic cables that stretch thousands and thousands of miles across the world in the ocean when you send that meme to your friend across the world. Being connected within a Tier 1 Internet Exchange Point means that your data connection takes priority over other internet traffic as they’re filtered through different layers before getting to the final destination.

These are the reasons why we opt to physically deploy our own servers that we 100% own and maintain. This is the only way we are able to ensure the integrity & quality of the service, and restrict access. No other free (nor many paid) VPN services can make that claim.

Tier 1 IXP Facilities

Only 237 Internet Exchange Point Enterprise Class Data Centers exist in the world, whereas millions of servers exist in thousands of smaller facilities that are considered Tier 2/3.

Restricted Access & Security

Our Data Center Partners are selected due to their high level of security. These Data Centers are on 24/7 lockdown, and maintain servers that require National Security Clearance to access.

Peer Exchange

Your ISPs and services like Netflix trust to run their servers here. The benefit is that you get a direct connection to many services within the peer exchange, enabling faster connection time.

Custom Engineered 100 gbps Dedicated Servers

With decades of experience in owning and operating Data Centers, our team has engineered the highest spec VPN servers that would make the PC builders drool. Benchmarking our server performance, they perform in the Top .01% of all servers worldwide.

Maximum Physical Security

What good is digital security without the same considerations to the high levels of physical security to ensure the integrity of the service. We selected partners that have decades of experience and unwavering commitment to their clients.

Tier 4 Enterprise Class Infrastructure

Earning a Tier 4 Classification means that you must be able to achieve a 99.995% availability, with redundant and dual-powered instances of servers, storage, network links and power cooling equipment. Each Tier 4 Facility is estimated to cost $50M+ to build.

IPv4 and IPv6 Network Operators

These facilities operate the global IPv4 and IPv6 network and are required maintain a high level of connectivity. Your home IP addresses likely were issued through these facilities by your ISP.

Experienced Partners
All With Proven Integrity

These partner facilities have demonstrated resilience during many economic downturns and maintain their reputation as a world class facility.

We don't mess around when it comes to building the best VPN Service

What other service provider cares that much about ensuring network quality, and builds a free VPN service?