Our Compression Engine

How we help play a role in bringing Faster Internet to Low Connectivity Areas

American Internet Service Providers have consistently ranked far below many countries in service quality, speeds, and price for over a decade. With less than 20 major Internet Service Providers serving the entire United States, there isn’t the same level of competition as there is in many other countries across the world.

With two of the largest ISPs, Time Warner and AT&T going forward with a merger as of 2019 to further consolidate and eliminating competition, the future of American Internet is not looking bright. While Gigabit Internet has been floating around for several years now, along with the hype around 5G, it’s easy to overlook the thousands of cities that are still left neglected by the ISPs.

The average median internet speed tells a clearer picture, with all ISPs averaging a median download speed of only 11.5 mbps, the reality is for many, we’re stuck in 2015.

Why Is This Important?

Bypass ISP Throttling

Many ISPs artificially throttle your speeds after going past a certain bandwidth limit, in order to coerce you to upgrade. LimitlessVPN also allows you to bypass these limits.

Enhance Download Speeds

Our Compression Engine works by breaking up big chunks of data into many encrypted parts, and reassembles it after it reaches you. Imagine fitting rocks vs pouring sand into a cup.

Improve Internet Quality

By using LimitlessVPN, your connection uses a higher quality protocol called UDP vs TCP. TCP is the most heavily used, and always saturated, just like trying to do groceries during the holidays.

Compression Algorithm

We've fine tuned our algorithm that helps improve download speeds for people who typically experience speeds of under 15 mbps. This can typically result in a 50%+ improvement in download speeds. By breaking apart large chunks of data that can only go through one pipeline, the algorithm breaks the chunk into thousands of smaller pieces and simultaneously going through many pipelines. As a result, you enjoy faster download speeds.

What can LimitlessVPN improve the download speeds for?

Virtually anything that involves downloading, which includes casual browsing, streaming, gaming, doing work, and more. If you need to access something from the internet, there's a good chance it's going to help increase the speeds of it. However, it is limited to downloads at this time due to the real time compression. We are unable to control how the receiver of the data (upload) interprets the data, which without the encryption key, cannot decipher how to put together the pieces.

UDP vs TCP Tunnels

This is a topic that can be argued by many on the pros and cons of each. We chose to go with UDP because it provides the least amount of data packet drops, meaning that the overall quality is improved. With a TCP Connection, it would be similar to watching a video and 1 out of 5 frames skip. UDP is also less congested, meaning your connection should get to where it's going without being held back by the traffic of others.

100 gbps Server Bandwidth

Typical VPN services will have server bandwidth caps of 1 gbps to 10 gbps. That means that after the total concurrent network bandwidth speeds hit 1-10 gbps, all connections get queued until the current connections complete their requests. A typical 10 gbps VPN server can support an average of 2,000 users concurrently with normal use. Our 100 gbps VPN server can support 10x users so you never experience bottlenecking.

Tier 1 Internet Exchange Points

Housed in the physical connecting points of the underwater fiber optic cables connecting the internet from continent to continent, our traffic always gets priority over all others, including that of your ISP, which are typically Tier 2. This means that you only need to go from Point A to Point B back to Point A, versus typically going from Point A to Points B,C,D,E,F,G and returning the same path.

What does all this mean?

Individually, each one of these plays a major factor into how we optimize and increase your internet performance & speeds. Collectively, this is what goes into creating our Compression Engine that blows everyone else out of the water. And best yet - it's FREE!