How Much Can You Save with LimitlessVPN?

Robust Features, Better Performance,
Private Encryption

Standard VPN Features

  • Default 256-bit AES Encryption list text
  • Anonymous Browsing
  • OpenVPN Protocol
  • IP Masking
  • Customer Support

Paid Competitors

+ Stores Personal Info for Payments
$155.40 /year
    3 Devices
    100GB - Unlimited
    1-10 gbps
+ Free and Low Cost Premium Options
$0.00 /year
    10-100 gbps

Protecting Your Browsing
Through Encryption

Whether you're casually browsing, streaming, gaming or doing work online, LimitlessVPN stays vigilant and safeguards you.

Prevent Interception
of Sensitive Data

Entering your credit card info into websites means you are trusting others to handle security. Activate LimitlessVPN to take security into your own hands.

High Performance Network

Many VPNs can slow down when lots of users are on due to 10 gbps caps. Our servers are 100 gbps so it can handle 10x more users concurrently with ease.

Compression Engine to
Boost Low Speeds

If your ISP doesn't give your area any love, our Compression Engine helps support low speed users to experience what the web was meant to be for everyone.

Customer Support That Cares
About Our Community

LimitlessVPN was built on community and is dedicated to helping communities all around the world and empower people to take back control of their internet.

Why Choose LimitlessVPN?

Committed To Transparency

We believe in being fully transparent in an industry traditionally shrouded in secrecy. Obviously we need to keep the lights on and servers running, so we earn our revenue differently.

No Payments Needed

We’re committed to providing an exceptional free VPN experience, with no credit cards ever required. Browse, Stream, Play, Work, Travel. Unthrottled, with no monthly subscription costs.

Performance Optimized

Built by Networking Experts and Gaming Geeks, we know firsthand how important gaming performance is. Learn about LimitlessVPN’s focus on network gaming performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I have to provide to use your service?

We only require a valid email that you will verify your account with. That’s it!

What websites can I access while using your service?

You will be able to access any website, including Netflix, YouTube, and all websites that are available in the US with additional options for other countries coming soon.

What devices can I download and use your service on?

Currently we support macOS and Windows 8+ with support coming to iOS, Android, and Linux soon.

What is your bandwidth limits for your free service?

We have zero bandwidth caps. However, we are vigilant against abusive behavior of our service in order to maintain the network quality for everyone else.