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100% Forever Free VPN without data limits, reselling your data, or hijacking your bandwidth.

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Sorry ISPs. You can't spy on us.

With the new laws being passed in the interest of U.S. Internet Service providers to sell your data history, you need to take more precaution than ever in protecting what's yours. Even if you have nothing to hide - your information belongs to you.

Protect What's Yours.

Privately Access the Internet

Incognito mode doesn't cut it anymore. LimitlessVPN protects against any trackers that may identify your activities on the internet. 

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Everywhere & Anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, accessing the internet should be your right. We can connect you to the internet securely anywhere you go.

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State-of-the-Art Security

Using OpenSSL and AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with 256 bit key), you can be sure that all your activities on the internet is secure.

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You can't place a price on Freedom or Privacy. So we didn't.

We're changing the game in the VPN space - where most others charge you a monthly fee or reselling your data and bandwidth claiming to be "free".
We don't do any of that. We won't ever do any of that.



We have zero interest in selling your data, traffic, or information to anyone. We only make money through you thoroughly and absolutely loving our service.

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Zero Logging of Data 

How We Make Money

Most people have very powerful and expensive internet browsing machines. Fortunately, most of the power of your computer is rarely fully utilized. In the background, we borrow a bit of that computing power and put it to work. You won't even notice a difference. Completely anonymous and ZERO intrusion.

(Don't worry, your selfies are safe) 

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You have nothing to lose - it's free. The only risk you have is continuing to browse the internet unsecured.