Introducing The Newly Refreshed

LimitlessVPN 2.0

Why Choose LimitlessVPN?

If you’ve ever tried searching for VPNs online, you will find countless testimonials, both good and bad, talking about the various VPNs currently found in the market. Ongoing cost usually being the most common complaint. The most commonly used VPNs are expensive because the typical business model for most VPNs are misaligned with the typical User’s best interest. Their goal is not to protect your privacy. Their goal as a business is to make money. Paid VPNs make money on subscription, and their cost is the bandwidth that you use. So their incentive is to keep you paying, but if you use too much, they end up throttling you so your internet performance is drastically decreased. As for other free VPNs the biggest problem is transparency around how these companies make money. Nothing in this world is free because keeping the lights on costs money.

With LimitlessVPN, we only actively generate revenue while you use our VPN. We own our custom built servers, in colocation data centers that serve as the gateway to the literal internet. We do not have thousands of Servers because we do not rent third party servers or use large mainstream cloud services. Our resources come exclusively from other dedicated LimitlessVPN users.

Additionally, we also have also included some awesome features like a built-in Compression Engine that increases user speed for those users who are left neglected by their ISP.

Committed To Transparency

We believe in being transparent in an industry shrouded in secrecy. We need to keep the lights on and servers running, so we earn our revenue differently.

No Payments Needed

We’re committed to providing an exceptional free VPN, with no credit cards ever required. Browse, Stream, Play, Work, Travel. Unthrottled, and Free.

Performance Optimized

Built by Networking Experts and Gaming Geeks, we know how important gaming performance is. LimitlessVPN focuses on gaming performance.

End-To-End Encryption

See how your data is protected and encrypted through LimitlessVPN

[1] Your Devices

When you visit a website, you create a request and which travels encrypted and compressed through LimitlessVPN application.

[2] LimitlessVPN Server

The data requests then travels to the LimitlessVPN Server and conceals any identifying information about who you are.

[3] End Destination

The website processes our request and returns the results back to you, encrypted and ensuring no sniffing of what you’re doing by your ISP.

Packed With Tons Of Features

Created from the ground up with the purpose of building a service people love.

Compression Engine

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unthrottled Speeds

Fully Owned Servers

No Identifying Information

Secure Encryption Tunnel

OpenVPN & SSL Security

Zero Logging of Data

Mobile Support (WIP)